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Make Tourism Work for Women A way to engage with Women’s Safety in Tourism 
March 08, 2015
Union Finance Minister Mr. Jaitely, recently announced during the Budget speech an...
In the Heart of Incredible India: Exploitation of Children in Tourism - Child Sexual Abuse & Child Labour in Tourism in Madhya Pradesh 
November 30, 2014
Madhya Pradesh is considered one of the prime tourist destinations of India...
The Handicrafts Story and Tourism - Briefing Sheet 
November 30, 2014
The close linkage of tourism and souvenir products creates great potential of...
Press Release Stop Exploitation Of Children in Tourism 
November 18, 2014
Christine Beddoe shared her observations on the problems of prosecuting travelling sex offenders...
MP: NGOs Blow the Lid of Sexual Exploitation of Children at Tourist Spots 
September 27, 2014
An independent study by three leading NGOs has exposed exploitation of children...
Equitable Tourism Options (EQUATIONS) is a research, campaign and advocacy organisation. We study the social, cultural, economic and environmental impact of tourism on local communities. We believe that tourism should be non-exploitative, equitable and sustainable. A question that has been central to our work and directs much of it is 'Who Really Benefits from Tourism?'.

Our Method of Work

Research and Analysis - Our research focuses on the impacts of tourism. Under its ambit, the broad areas which we research on are the economic, social, cultural, environmental, and legal and policy impacts. We also critically analyse tourism development at 'destinations' on how it impacts the lives and livelihood of local communities, their social milieu and their environment.

Campaigns and Advocacy - We initiate campaigns and support people's struggles, against unjust, undemocratic and unsustainable forms of tourism. We advocate people's concerns with local, regional and national government and lobby for change.  Our advocacy aims for decentralised democracy and we believe that communities should have a decisive voice in the access, control and ownership over their livelihood, natural resources and common resources. We try to ensure people's experience and aspirations influences tourism policies.

Networking - We build networks of people; grassroots organisations, local communities, activists, researchers, trade unions, legal and policy experts, who are concerned, as we are, with ensuring that tourism planning, policy and implementation is equitable, people-centred and just. We rely on our network partners to build our perspectives from the ground.

Know more about us
Tourism impacts on:

Our work across thematic areas is guided by the impacts that tourism has on these areas. We research, campaign and advocate on issues that then emerge and this helps us as an organization to understand tourism's impacts more comprehensively. The themes we work across currently are:

    We work with local communities, concerned groups, the tourism industry and other players to ensure that the rights of children are protected in the context of tourism. We endeavour to influence central and state governments to incorporate, implement and monitor child sensitive guidelines in their respective policies and legislations.
    We provide a developing-country perspective at the national and international fora on the impacts of trade and economic policies on tourism development and community benefit. We work on influencing the national government's trade and economic policies related to tourism to prioritise community rights, benefits and local regulation.

    We work on international, national and local level policies and processes to build an understanding of environmental impacts of tourism. We critique current models of tourism; all which have a bearing on ecological sustainability, biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods.
    We work with rural and urban Local Self Governing Institutions (LSGIs) to exercise their rights and to develop guidelines and mechanisms to strengthen local regulation of tourism and to ensure that they play an active and decisive role in tourism development.
    We aim to influence how tourism is taught in India by mainstreaming critical perspectives and attempt changes in tourism curriculum. We engage with students, teachers and tourism institutions by building awareness on tourism impacts, encouraging research and welcoming interns.
    The tourism industry claims to be a major employer of women globally, but this is an industry that is far from gender just. Our work examines ways in which women can have greater access, control and ownership over livelihoods and natural resources as well as access to the benefits in the context of tourism. We endeavour to influence policy makers for evolving greater gender-sensitive models and policies for tourism.
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From the Indian States
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Make Tourism Work for Women: A way to Engage with Women's Safety in Tourism 
September 11, 2014
Recent statement made by the Union Finance Minister Mr. Jaitely about the incident of Delhi gang rape...
A Call for Systemic Engagement with Women Issues in Tourism! 
June 16, 2014
Tourism development is often rationalised on economic grounds in terms of...
Consultation on Panchayati Raj Institutions and Tourism  
July 14, 2014
CRT CSJP and EQUATIONS have done a study on Panchayati Raj Institutions and tourism with the...
Southern India Regional Conference on Engendering Tourism: Work, Opportunities & Dilemmas 
June 14, 2013
The last decade of tourism development in the national and international arena...
Alappuzha Beach to Host Sand Art Festival in April 
March 22, 2015
Come April, sand sculptures and paintings will adorn the picturesque Alappuzha beach. An international...
After Devastating Floods, J&K Tries to Woo Tourists 
March 18, 2015
People dependent on tourism for their livelihood were all gearing up to...