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December 22, 2017

The Government of India’s recent “in principle” clearance to the international airport at Jewar, off Delhi, 16 years after the idea was first floated, is one of the sever

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September 27, 2017

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August 09, 2017

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July 05, 2017
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June 10, 2017

I remember as a kid in the month of August a few dozen buses full of Yatri

A Robin Hood Reversal Facilitating The Powerful and Punishing The Weak
October 30, 2012

Call for Action

Click here to download 'A Robin Hood Reversal - Facilitating The Powerful and Punishing The Weak-30 October 12-EQUATIONS', 79.4kb.
The same can be read below too.

Click here to download 'EQUATIONS’ Comments to the Draft Karnataka Tourism Trade Facilitation Act 2012-30 October 2012-EQUATIONS', 141kb.

A Robin Hood Reversal – Facilitating The Powerful and Punishing The Weak

30 October 2012

The Department of Tourism had announced the Draft Karnataka Tourism Trade Facilitation Act, 2012 in September 2012. This document is the critique of the Draft Act along with our suggestions and recommendations for change in the Act.

                                                                                                                             30 October, 2012                                                      

Anand Singh
Minister, Tourism
Government of Karnataka,
#49, 2nd Floor, Khanija Bhavan,
Race Course Road,
Bangalore 560 001

Dear Mr. Singh,

Sub: EQUATIONS comments on the Karnataka Tourism Trade Facilitation Act 2012

We welcome the Department's endeavour to create an Act to facilitate Tourism Trade in Karnataka. Enclosed are our comments and recommendations on the Draft Karnataka Tourism Trade Facilitation Act 2012.

We summarise our key comments and recommendations below -
  1. The Act focusses only on facilitation of tourism trade, and does not mandate itself with the important role  of regulation. Considering the potential social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts that tourism can bring, it is important that the Act is regulatory in nature, so that negative impacts are minimised. Accordingly, we recommend that the Act be renamed to Karnataka Tourism Trade Regulation Act 2012.
  2. The informal sector does not find a mention in this Act. This is disappointing since studies have shown that the informal sector contributes as much as 70% to the tourist economy of a destination. Even where it does in the case of hawkers and guides, the position it takes is against the constitution.
  3. It is  important that the role of the local self-governing institutions (LSGIs) are recognised and privileged in tourism planning and development. The 73rd and 74th Constitutional amendments, which devolve powers to LSGIs must be upheld in letter and spirit.
  4. The Act is silent on the impacts of growth in kinds and models of tourism development and tourist numbers.This is a serious lapse, since tourism has been proven to have major social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts on local communities and the environment, which are of detrimental in nature.
  5. Tourism is a complex and inter-disciplinary subject. Thus, inter-departmental collaboration between various Departments and ministries is critical. The Act completely fails to mention any kind of such collaborations.
Given the scope and scale of this Act, we recommend that the Department conducts multi-stakeholder consultations, and takes into consideration views from all the stakeholders. To ensure that local communities have access to this process, the Draft Act should be translated into Kannada and meetings held at all tourism destinations in the state. Sufficient prior information should be given to the communities so that they can participate in these consultations.

We sincerely hope that you take our recommendations and would be happy to discuss the points raised in an attempt to make tourism democratic, just and sustainable.  

Yours sincerely,

Swathi Seshadri
Networking Coordinator

Encl: 'EQUATIONS’ Comments to the Draft Karnataka Tourism Trade Facilitation Act 2012-30 October 2012-EQUATIONS'

Copy To:
  1. Smt. Latha Krishna Rao, Principal Secretary, Tourism and Chairman, KSTDC
  2. Umesh Madivala, Asst.Secretary, Tourism Committee, Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI)
  3. Tallam Dwarakanath, President, Tourism Committee, FKCCI
  4. K.Shiva Shanmugam, President, FKCCI
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