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Conflict of Interest in KPMG's Drafting Of Karnataka’s Forest Plan And Coal India’s Vision Plan, Activists Say 
November 04, 2018

The Karnataka Forest department has asked KPMG, the global financial consultanc

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September 27, 2018

World Tourism Day arrives annually on September 27th. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) seizes the moment to tout tourism as..

Is India Trying to Subdue Kashmir Through Religious Tourism? 
July 17, 2018
The Indian state under the increasing influence of Hindu nationalism is using Hindu pilgrimage sites..
“Aswachh Bharat” marks Amarnath yatra 
July 15, 2018

Tourism and Plastic: Exploring the Contours 

June 04, 2018
The threat that plastic poses to the health of the planet has been raising alarm bells for some time..
IFIs and Tourism: Perspectives and Debates
March 15, 2008

IFI's and Tourism: Perspectives and DebatesThis dossier is located within the context of increasing global discontent and community protest against interventions of International Financial Institutions (IFIs) in the developing world. It specifically presents a questioning and critique of their operations in tourism. As the nature and impacts of tourism cross boundaries and affects entire regions, we present an analysis of the issue based on experiences from the Asian region and in specific areas of focus of IFI activities. The dossier has important contributions from activists who have been writing and campaigning on these issues, in addition to EQUATIONS’ own work on monitoring and researching IFI activities in tourism. It also includes the depositions on the tourism sector which was part of the Independent People’s Tribunal on the World Bank Group held from the 21st – 24th of September, 2007 in New Delhi. This dossier aims to reach out to movements, grassroots groups, civil society organisations, researchers and policy makers drawing attention to the implications of increasing IFI activities in tourism in the region. We call for more research, campaign and advocacy on these critical issues.

Click here to download 'IFIs and Tourism_Perspectives and Debates-Mar 08-EQUATIONS', 450Kb.

Click here to download '(Hindi) IFIs and Tourism_Perspectives and Debates-June 09-EQUATIONS', 1.45Mb.
Class Code: B00 / C70

Keywords: India, Asia, EQUATIONS, Tourism, IFI, International Financial Institutions
IFIs and Tourism: Perspectives and Debates

IFIs and Tourism: Perspectives and Debates (Hindi)