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January 29, 2018
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EQUATIONS engages with students, academicians and tourism institutions by building awareness on tourism impacts, encouraging research and welcoming interns. Our attempt is to influence tourism curriculum, to integrate critical perspectives on the impacts of tourism and to provide a perspective on why and how tourism can be more equitable.

EQUATIONS at the Panel Discussion on Tourism Education Syllabus in India, KITTS, Thiruvananthapuram, 7 Jan 2006Though the concept of tourism education was introduced in India in the early 1970's, tourism studies in the country are still at a nascent stage. Tourism programmes are extremely broad-based, with a majority of them under management departments and with limited exposure to tourism as an interdisciplinary subject. With the growth of the travel and tourism industry, there is an increasing demand for specialised professional services and a number of government supported and private institutions offer courses and training facilities in the field of travel, hospitality and tourism. However, very few of these courses reflect critical and interdisciplinary perspectives, and almost nothing about the negative impacts of tourism.

We began our active engagement with this issue in 1989 with contributing to material for the Post Graduate course, Goa University on Tourism, Culture and Development. In 1991, a workshop on Tourism and its Impacts on Dakshin Kannada, in collaboration with the School of Social Sciences Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore, Yana, a newly emerging peoples group and other individuals. This was followed with workshops for schools and for activists.  

In 1998-2000, we collaborated with Nagarika Seva Trust, Bangalore and Sneha Kunja, Uttara Kannada to build awareness and to initiate a working relationship with the educational institutions in Uttara Kannada district.

Rally taken out on World Tourism Day, Goa, 2007In 2001-02, Christ College, Bangalore (now an autonomous university) invited us to teach a course on ‘Environment and Ecology of Tourism’ as part of their Masters Programme in Tourism. We were able to do this for some years in succession and were able to influence several batches of students to engage with us. Later we focussed on networking with more institutions at the national level like IITTM, Bhubaneswar, Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, Utkal University of Culture, Regional College of Management (Bhubaneswar) and Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (Kolkata), Kerala Institute of Travel and Tourism Studies (KITTS), Institute of Management in Governance (IMG) as well as many other institutes in  South India. We were part of the Expert Committee invited by Christ College to scrutinise and recommend modifications to the Masters in Tourism Administration syllabus. 

We continue to add more tourism teaching institutions to the list of organisations we networked with Garden City College, Mount Carmel College, Acharya Institute of Management & Sciences (all in Bangalore), National Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management – Hyderabad are some of them. Awareness and teaching materials on subjects like ecotourism, climate change and tourism, women and tourism, tourism policies, globalisation and tourism are used to engage with students. We have recently also used other methodology like debates and essay competitions to spark off discussions with students at various levels to discuss tourism. We have also worked with members of tourism clubs to do research and studies on aspects like medical tourism and waste management in the hotel industry.

 	Do not destroy Sand Dunes, Rally taken out on World Tourism Day, Goa, 2007In 1992-93, EQUATIONS had an important opportunity to influence the syllabus of the Tourism Studies course offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). We were invited to be a member both of the Consultative Committee as well as the Experts Panel for writing the texts for the certificate and diploma courses in tourism studies of IGNOU. We wrote a unit on the Role of NGOs in Tourism for IGNOU’s course on Tourism Marketing, as part of their Diploma in Tourism Studies. The Tourism Studies program also invited EQUATIONS to participate in a discussion on the need for Surveys and Analysis in Tourism. KT Suresh and Nina Rao were part of the panel and the discussion was televised live all across the country through the IGNOU National Channel. 

Soon after in 1995-96, recognising that dealing with tourism issues required an international cross-cultural perspective of all actors involved in tourism, academia and bureaucracy, EQUATIONS and Tourism Watch Germany initiated the Teaching in Tourism - University Staff Exchange Program. This was not able to continue after the first phase.

An important engagement over the years has been to encourage student interns to work with us. Many interns from colleges and universities in the country and abroad have gained from their stint with us and many have remained in the “friends of EQUATIONS” circle! We have also had several invitations from organisations working with student exchange programmes to offer sessions on critical impacts and issues in tourism and students have usually found these very valuable. We have contributed to some of these like the Friends World programme since 1991.

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For more information on interning and volunteering with us write to us at [email protected].